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Prolene Mesh Lawsuit

Prolene is a commonly used synthetic suture. However, many complications and issues have arisen since the introduction of prolene. Subsequently, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued several warnings regarding the use of these mesh products, and as a result, several leading manufacturers have had to recall their prolene mesh products. Thousands of lawsuits have been filed against these companies at the state and federal levels.

Mesh Recall

Prolene mesh is most commonly used in female reconstructive pelvic surgery, hernia repair, as well as cardiac surgery in both men and women. A company named Ethicon, which is a division of Johnson & Johnson, trademarks Prolene for marketing purposes. In 2008 and 2011, the FDA issued warnings regarding the use of prolene mesh in female reconstructive pelvic surgeries. According to the FDA, over 1,000 complaints were filed concerning complications that had arisen from the use of prolene mesh in pelvic organ prolapse repairs and stress urinary incontinence repairs. The most common complications involved erosion of the vagina epithelium, urinary problems, pain, infection and recurrences of prolapses or incontinence.

To date, multiple manufacturers have issued recalls of their prolene mesh products. In 1999, Boston Scientific voluntarily pulled one of the earliest mesh products, ProteGen, off of the market. Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon division and C.R. Bard have also pulled many of their mesh products from use. As of 2012, over 12,000 federal lawsuits have been filed against Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon division regarding their mesh products and an estimated 4,000 lawsuits have been filed at the state level. In July 2012, C.R. Bard Inc. discontinued its Avaulta Plus mesh product.

Prolene Mesh Attorney

Filing a claim with an attorney allows the patient to become eligible to file a claim for compensation from the particular manufacturer of the prolene mesh product . A claim may be filed for compensation for financial issues as well as emotional issues suffered from the difficulty of life associated with the defective product. Husbands of women suffering from pelvic complications may also sue due to loss of intimacy between the two partners. Ask friends and family if they know of attorneys who specialize in product-liability lawsuits. Also, inquire about an attorney’s track record to see if they have had success with similar claims.

It is unwise to choose an attorney based on television and billboard ads. Many of these attorneys require a down payment . Our qualified attorneys will not ask you for a down payment and instead work on a contingency basis, meaning they only get paid if the court decides in your favor.

Filing A Prolene Mesh Lawsuit

A patient can find out the name of the manufacturer from the hospital that administered the surgery. The most important factor in filing a prolene mesh lawsuit is time. Different states have different statutes of limitations regarding defective product liability claims. It is recommended that patients consult medical experts for information about prolene mesh as well as contact a law firm to file a claim.

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